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Check Out My Testimonials

"I have been working out with Sue since February and cannot believe how much more fit I have become. Her classes are fun and ever changing. She adjusts to each person's individual needs on any given day, constantly watching and correcting form to prevent injury. At 62 years old I appreciate that!
Sue's cheerful personality and encouraging nature make me look forward to each class. Any person who has ever disliked exercise needs to work out with Sue. She will change your mind!"

Teresa Julseth

"Sues happy energy combined with her kind nature makes her a wonderful teacher! She leads a full body workout with attention to each individual in well planned classes that are fun. Great fresh space too."

Mary Ann Bentzon

"Susan has a very nice facility to work out in. It is bright and spacious, and provides enough room to provide a wide variety of exercises. She is both mindful and adaptable to the varying capabilities in the class, and the workouts are never boring. I would highly recommend trying this gym – you will love it!"

Pam Plasterer

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